Supporting sovereign self-determination is not treason. Self-determination is legal according to the South African constitution as well as international law. The ULA therefore follows a 100% internationally recognized legal process.    

Thus, the South African government must comply.

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        United Liberty Alliance  /   Verenigde Vryheids Alliansie
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Direct Marketer's Registration
Thank you for having the courage to do something and help us reach the 2 Million Mandate target as we move into our new era!   If you have already registered, click here

You will not receive any salary or compensation whatsoever, in any way, shape, or form. We are all voluntary workers who sacrifice their time and efforts for the good of the minority groups in South Africa.


ULA publically undertakes to spend EVERY CENT on marketing campaigns to reach the required mandate of 2 million votes for self-determination. No membership fees, ever.  


This is a drive towards self-determination and independence for the oppressed minorities. For you and your loved ones, young and old.