Supporting sovereign self-determination is not treason. Self-determination is legal according to the South African constitution as well as international law. The ULA therefore follows a 100% internationally recognized legal process.    

Thus, the South African government must comply.

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United Liberty Alliance   
Verenigde Vryheids Alliansie

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This group’s goal? To provide a platform where members of all minority interest groups can ask questions about & take hands towards a common goal: self-determination. Where they are motivated to recruit others so that we can start building our New Country
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Welcome to ULATV (United Liberty Alliance TV), a modern, cool, Internet based TV station with curated content hosted on Youtube to reduce costs and bring you world class content as cheaply as possible.

With 12 channels of frequently updated content, you will be able to watch TV around the clock 365 days a year without endless repeats or constant interruptions by advertisements!
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